One is never too old to begin a Pilates practice.  It is never too late to learn to use your body in a smarter, more efficient fashion with Pilates.  The loss of flexibility that we associate with aging can be reversed.  Pilates requires focus, attention, deliberate movement, slowing down, and staying aware of your body.  There is always a way to modify the exercise so that one can do it with ease, without pain, and in good form.  The positive impact of Pilates can be felt with regular practice.

Pilates is great for anyone of every age.  Folks over 60, in particular, can improve their balance, strength, flexibility, and focus.  Pilates works the core.  It is gentle enough to be right for seniors.  As improvement is seen, more functional exercises are placed into the program for best results.

Doing beginner pilates at least twice a week is enough to notice a difference in ones strength, flexibility and balance.  Listening to the body is often something to relearn as one grows older. Remember that our bodies show up for us differently each day.  Allow Pilates to do its job for your body by meeting it wherever it is on a given day.  Patience and determination are key factors to doing Pilates.  It becomes a lifestyle.