Poor posture and repetitive movements are a frequent contributor to neck and shoulder pain largely caused by trapezius muscle overactivity and tightness.  It is often difficult to differentiate between where the pain is coming from, when it comes to the neck and the shoulder. Many structures in that area can contribute to pain at one or multiple locations. Below is a list of common contributors to neck/shoulder pain.


Soft tissue injury from a fall, strain or tear


Poor posture

Repeated motions at work or sport (particularly over-head)

Impingement – can often lead to neural symptoms down the arm.


Acute trauma – fracture or dislocation


Pilates, a form of exercise that’s been growing in popularity for the last 50 years, turns out to be an ideal way to reverse the damage caused by modern life and technology and to keep our bodies pain free.  Activity is key to relieving current and preventing future bouts of upper, mid and low back pain. Along with gentle stretch and mindful movement a healthier pain free lifestyle can be achieved.