Introductory Training

Our Starter Kit Package entitles you to 3 private sessions at a discounted price. This package is a one time offer for clients new to Pilates and our studio. In these sessions, the client will be introduced to all the different pieces of equipment, as well as the fundamentals of the Basic Principles of  Pilates and core stabilization. Introductory session is required before registering for Duet or Trio classes to ensure safety and to maintain class flow. Please contact the administrator to book your introductory sessions through Mindbody.

  • 3 Sessions Private
  • $215+ GST
  • 3 Sessions Duet (Partner required)
  • $135+ GST per person
Start Your Pilates Journey

Private Training

Get results faster with personal pilates training. Private pilates classes offer you a program that is suited to your body. We create a program just for you to help achieve the great results in a shorter amount of time. Private pilates classes are ideal for individuals with specific goals, special needs or as a supplement to the group session. These one-on-one pilates classes are programmed and designed to fit an individual’s needs and goals in order to achieve a healthy fit body.

  • 1 Single Session
  • $85 + GST
  • 5 Session Package
  • $80
  • $450 + GST (Expiry 3 months)
  • 10 Session Package
  • $75
  • $750 + GST (Expires 5 months)
Start Your Pilates Journey

Semi Private Training (2-3 People)

Work out with partners and achieve fitness goals together. Whether you are looking for sport specific training, weight management, post injury rehabilitation training or just to live a healthier life, semi private classes helps you achieve your goals together. It is ideal for a couple, members of family, or friends wishing to jointly experience the intricacies of Pilates. Please note that for Duet sessions, clients are expected to bring their own partners and Duet sessions can only be booked by an administrator through Mindbody.

  • 1 Single Session • Duet Package
  • $52+ GST
  • 5 Sessions • Duet Package
  • $50
  • $250+ GST (Expires 3 months)
  • 10 Sessions • Duet Package
  • $48
  • $480+ GST (Expires 5 months)
  • 20 Sessions • Duet Package
  • $45
  • $900+ GST (Expires 10 months)
  • 1 Single Session • Trio Package
  • $45+ GST
  • 5 Sessions • Trio Package
  • $43
  • $215+ GST (Expires 3 months)
  • 10 Sessions • Trio Package
  • $40
  • $400+ GST (Expires 5 months)
  • 20 Sessions • Trio Package
  • $38
  • $760+ GST (Expires 10 months)
Start Your Pilates Journey

Adjustment Fees:

These are conversion fees from semi private duet to private sessions ; Semi Private Trio to Private session. Fees are based on the Single per Session price. See terms and policies for full details.

  • Conversion Duet to Private
  • $35.00+ GST
  • Conversion Trio to Private
  • $39.00+ GST

Studio Policies

So that your experience with us is enjoyable, pleasant and non disruptive, we appreciate your kind consideration in keeping our policies and procedures.

Cancellation Policy

  • For whatever reason a client may have, a 24 hour notice is required (not including weekends) to cancel your session otherwise you will be charged in full.
  • Send notice by phone or email for both mat/equipment classes.
  • Should the studio or its instructor cancel a session for urgent reasons, Client’s session is brought forward.

Make Up Policy

  • Semi Privates with early cancellations can make up session by attending other equipment class on schedule.
  • Adjustment Fees apply accordingly.


  • Allowance of 15 minutes will be given to clients to make it to their class if they are running late. Thereafter, session is considered no show and is charged.

Payment and Registration

  • All sessions/group are 50 minutes in duration.
  • All sessions are available by appointment only except for Trio group which can be booked online through Mindbody.
  • Payments are due in full at the time of booking or prior to the start of a renewal package/group term.
  • All prices are subject to 5% GST.
  • We accept payment in cash, e-transfer, personal checks, and credit card.
  • Unfortunately we cannot refund payments.
  • Schedules can change without prior notice.


  • 5 Session Packages have expiration of 3 months.
  • 10 Session Packages have expiration of 5 months.
  • 20 Session Packages have expiration of 10 months.
  • Please check terms before you purchase a package. Unused sessions are non-refundable, non- transferrable (with exception of direct family members/spouses).

Adjustment Fees

  • These are conversion fees from semi private duet to private sessions; semi private trio to private session. Fees are based on the single per session price.
  • Should two partners from a trio session give prior notice that they will be away from their specified time, the class is cancelled and their session is brought forward.
  • For the partner(s) that can attend their specified time session, they have the following options:
    1. Continue session converting from duet to private or trio to private, proper adjustment fees shall apply.
    2. Find another spot in the week when they can do their Pilates to avoid adjustment fees.
    3. Cancel, session is brought forward.


  • Wear comfortable clothing during the workout. Avoid loose tops or pants with zippers and belts. This way proper form and alignment can be done by the instructor.
  • Shoes are not allowed inside the workout area of the studio. Bare feet or with socks is acceptable.
  • In courtesy to others who may have allergies, avoid strong perfumes.
  • Cell phones should be switched off or on silent mode while classes are going on.