As a young professional working more than eight hours a day mostly in front of the computer, I experienced significant poor posture, tight upper shoulder and neck muscles that gave me headaches and occasional dizziness. After enrolling in pilates, I noticed the stretch and toning movements helped relieve my upper body tightness. I became more flexible and my core strength improved. I believe pilates will now be a lifestyle for me.

Chriselle G.


Due to an MVA I had limited range of motion in my neck, shoulder and it was difficult to reach stuff on the back seat of my car. Doctor said it could be related to age, but I did not believe him. Since going to pilates full range of motion is restored, the core is strengthened and my posture greatly improved.

Renee S.


I started Pilates for the first time 3 years ago at Vitalcore Fitness Pilates, never expecting that I would love it so much. My core has never been as strong, nor my muscles so balanced. Best of all, I have greater body awareness, allowing me to monitor my posture, move with efficiency, and carry heavy loads with proper body mechanics. I look forward to my classes every week with my teacher and classmates.

Albert K.


Pilates has been the perfect fit for me. I needed the accountability of being in a regularly scheduled class and have loved the friendships that have naturally developed with Vitalcore’s team and fellow students. Teachers closely monitor each participant to ensure they are getting the most out of their workout, perfectly matching ability to weight/extension ratio. I have seen a significant improvement in my muscle tone, balance and even my gait has improved. I am so grateful for Vitalcore Pilates and look forward to every class.

Sandra C.


Pilates has tremendously improved our flexibility, strength and balance so much that we are more aware of good movement and better posture. Myra’s deep knowledge of rehabilitation allows instant modification as needed specially when we have been injured prior to coming to class. We always feel better during and after having a Pilates session.

Margot & Andrew

50 & 58

Pilates has helped me to be almost pain free after many years. It has strengthened my core that I can walk for an hour now whereas before I couldn’t walk even around my house. The instructor is knowledgeable and gives the right program to work on. I feel better than I have in years.



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Jennifer LeversJennifer Levers
16:52 20 Feb 22
Vitalcore Pilates has become a way of life for me!! I have, for over a decade gone twice a week and can't imagine my life without the incredible care of the instructor's, who have such passion for your best form, fitness level and core strength. Myra and Elisabeth truly love pouring into their clients and meeting everyone with a deep dive of compassion with the push of knowing what you really CAN DO! It is obvious they are well studied, trained and incredibly knowledgable. A pain-free body that is strong and flexible is worth the time and investment. Feels like family from the instructors to the beautiful friends I have met through Vitalcore Fitness.
Danielle LaPointeDanielle LaPointe
00:50 17 Feb 22
Fabulous studio! Excellent instructors! Flexible time schedules. Small classes which I really like. Instructors tailor exercises for particular needs as well, which I really appreciate. I highly recommend this wonderful little studio!
18:00 16 Feb 22
I have been taking Pilates classes at Vitalcore for 7 years. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Every class is so enjoyable.I used to have shoulder pain, neck pain leading to headaches. It is due to poor posture and sitting at computer for long hours. Ever since I started Pilates classes at Vitalcore, my muscle tension and pain are gone. My core is strengthened. Not only I walk and sit with improved posture, I am able to work more efficiently and sleep better with relaxed shoulder and neck.I appreciate the instructors' personal attention when I had frozen shoulder and lower back pain. Modified exercises and helpful instructions are given to speed up the healing process.I highly recommend people to join the classes at Vitalcore.Gillian C.
louise descheneslouise deschenes
17:37 16 Feb 22
I am older and I found that using regular gyms usually resulted in injuries as I overdid it pushing myself beyond what I should have. Vital Core is a small studio where only 3 at most exercise at one time. The instructor is always checking participants for proper alignment and appropriateness of exercises and tailoring them to the individual's needs. It's a great studio with friendly, competent staff certified in Pilates techniques.
Connie MeisnerConnie Meisner
16:14 16 Feb 22
After learning of how great the instructors and studio were from my friend, I booked my free class in 2021. I then went on to book a set of private classes and slowly worked my way up to classes with one and then, two other students.I was able to work first with Myra, the owner, and then with Elisabeth. Both of whom are absolutely fabulous and so knowledgeable.Since beginning with Vitalcore Pilates, I have improved my posture, reduced some body pain, increased my strength, improved my core, and learned more about how to work with my own physical imbalances.i look forward to continuing for many years to come.I also want to mention that the studio is so welcoming regardless of personal ability and has supported me along the way.Thank you Vitalcore


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